1860 Society

We graciously celebrate and recognize our members of the 1860 Society, LSU's fellowship for the future.

Membership in the LSU Foundation's 1860 Society is awarded to anyone who submits documentation—through an estate intention letter or a copy of the relevant portion of one's will—naming the LSU Foundation as a beneficiary in his or her estate.

Dr. Hal Aaslestad
Robert and Claudia Adley
Ignacio F. Alvarez
Mark K. Anderson
Dr. Mary Lou Applewhite
George M. and Patricia W. Armstrong
Paul and Ellen Arst

Sanford A. Arst
Dr. Larry O. and Mrs. Alice Arthur
Fred and Jan Atchity
Anna Marie Baer
Mr. William B. Baggett Sr.
William and Frances Beck, PhD
Dr. Bonnie D. Belleau
Thomas and Gaye Bennett
Patricia K. Benoit
Scott M. and Ruth Bergeron
James M. Bernhard Jr.
Juanita M. Berryman
Mr. George C. and Merritt Betts

Darrell Bezet
Jamie Blair Bice
Robert D. and Barbara Biggs
Ruth Anne Bindursky
Mrs. Bess K. and Dr. Charles Black
Lee and Cindy Bloch
Sybil F. Boizelle
Dr. Roselyn B. Boneno
Bert R. Boyce and Judith Irene Boyce
Robert J. Boyle
William J. and Karen G. Brack
Joanne B. and Lynnwood J. Brassett, MD
John C. Burch
Mrs. Jean P. Burt
John R. and Suetta Busenlener
Susan Marshall Buzick
Claire L. Cagnolatti
Carol Calkins
Kathryn P. Callahan
William and Ann Callegari
Mr. Earnest Dare Campbell and Mrs. Janie Campbell
Cathy H. Caplan, PhD
Jeffrey K. and Wendy W. Carbo
William G. Castle Jr. and Mrs. Debra Castle
A. Duchein Cazedessus
Dr. Doyle Chambers
Don M. and Jan S. Chance
Ms. Kelly Cherry
Mary Beth Chevalier
Mr. David E. Chozen
Suzanne and Doug Christensen
Alma Beth Clark
Sarah Clayton
Mr. Marvin R. Clemons
Allen E. Cohen
Max Z. Conrad
Lodwrick M. Cook
Kenneth C. and Carolyn G. Corkum
Elizabeth Perry Courville
Mr. John L. and Mrs. Kathryn Creed
Mr. R. Gale Creed
Allen Crow
Donald and Sue Crow
Kurt and Gene Anne Culbertson
Louis D. Curet
Christopher and Jennifer D'Elia
Howard and Jaie Daigle
Mr. George A. Daniels
Andrea M. Daugherty

Mrs. Susan H. Dawson
Evelyn DeBardeleben
Deborah A. DeBram
Mona and Dave J. DeFelice Jr.
Mr. Donald C. Delaune
Elaine Delaune
David Diamond

Mr. Allyn C. Donaldson Jr.
Donna Atwood Duffy and William C. Duffy Jr.
Gwendolyn G. Dugas
Mr. John W. Dupuy
Christopher and Eva Dyba
Mrs. Mary Frey Eaton

Matthew L. Edmonds
Clarence and Rosa Lee Eidt
Daryl Robert and Tiffany Lynn Ellis
A. James Ensley
Jay Ervin Farrar
Dr. Cheryl and Mr. Peter Fasullo
Robert Wickliffe Fenet
Natalie Fielding
Diane J. Finley, MD
Albert “Joey” Folse Jr. and Judith Anne Garretson Folse
Mrs. Eunice M. Fontenot
Gerald and Teri Fontenot
Arlene V. Ford
Dr. Eileen M. Skelly Frame and Dr. George M. Frame II
Russell T. Frazer
Mr. Mark P. Freeman Jr.
David H. Frid
Scott Fruchter
Dr. and Mrs. Dexter A. Gary
Mrs. Virginia M. Gayle

Mr. Lester C. Gerard
J.C. (Sonny) Gilbert
Gary and Cheryl Gorrell
Mrs. Martha R. and Dr. Thomas Green
Mr. and Mrs. G. Lee Griffin
Mr. Michael G. Griffith
Mr. Cesar A. Guerra Jr.
Marshall W. Guidry
J. Wayne Guillory
Arthur and Judy Halbrook
Regina and John M. Hamilton
Mr. Stephen H. Harmon Jr.
David and Nancy Harvey
Robert H. Harvey and Corinne P. Harvey
Sherri Hayes
Richard W. Hicks
Sarah Lou Hill
Tom Hill
Lucy L. Hilton
Elizabeth R. Holloway
Jane Honeycutt
Ellen and Tommy Hontzas
Mrs. Lillian Fitzgerald Klettke Hoover
Thorn C. Huffman
Oscar and Wanda Huh
Mary Hutcheson

Dr. George and Mrs. Klileen Jones
W. Griffin “Griff” and Barbara Jones

Craig and Lisa Juengling

Richard and Katherine Juneau
Janice H. Jurisich and William Leo Bishop
Michael A. Katchmer
Donald W. and Gayle A. Keller
Dr. James L. and Mrs. Aileen Kelly
Neil and Arlene Kestner
William and Constance Kidd
Mari Kornhauser
Lucien Paul Laborde Sr. and Mrs. Peggy Laborde
Luke and Sonja Laborde
Rene L. Latiolais
Robert E. Leake Jr.

Elena R. LeBlanc
Bradley A. Leger
Ana A. Litvinoff
Harry and Norma Longwell
Dr. Alfredo and Maria Lopez
Loy R. (Pug) and Jeannie Lorren
Dwight MacDonald, a.s.l.a.
Shirley M. Mackie
Carole and John Marshall
Pamela A. Martin
Shirley Mayhall
Raymond and Opal McDuff

Mr. Larry McKee
Claude B. Melebeck Jr.
Mrs. Elena Mickelson
Mr. Ben R. Miller Jr. and Mrs. Bettsie Miller
Benjamin and Leslie Miller III
Hank and Cheryl Miltenberger
Mitchell Mintz
John Boyd Mitchell, PhD
Arthur S. Moles
Cong. W. Henson and Carolyn Moore
Virginia L. Mouw
Markwell and Paulette Nager
Dick and Judy Najolia
Philip J. Neck
David and Terri Nelson
Mrs. Eleanor P. Newman
Roger H. Ogden
Judith L. O'Neale
Lt. Col. Cary Frank Owen
Daryl Ann Owens

James H. Painter
Mrs. Joye Lawrence Parker
Geradette M. Patrick
Golda Patrick
Richard Peck
Janice Pellar
Dr. James R. and Ann Peltier
Lynne and Meashell Pendleton
Charles O. Peyton
Cecil R. Phillips
Susan M. Phillips
Edward B. Picou Jr. and Dan G. Armstrong
Rick and Kathy Plaeger
Claudette Price
Douglas P. Reed
Keith Reeves
Mike and Lea Ann Remondet
Janice Whitaker Reuther and John Reuther
William Henry and Dianne Rhoads
Martha Taylor Richard
James and Patti Richards
Frederick “Rusty” Richardson and Mrs. Marcia Richardson
William Richardson
Percy E. “Rebel” Roberts
May Rose Robertson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Robicheaux
Melissa Robinett, DVM and David Robinett
Durinda Robinson
Gwen Robinson
James W. and Mrs. Winifred Robinson
Linda J. Robinson
Michael D. Robinson
Eva Richardson Rodriguez
Dean Ron and Jane Ross
James P. and Ginger Roy
Thomas and Darlene Ryder
John W. Salisbury Jr. and Linda Bliss Salisbury
John and Toni Sardisco
Alton and Hillery Scavo
Larry and Renee Scheetz
Harvey and Betty Schwartzberg
Mila and George Houston Sexton III
Judith Stoddard Sherman
Dr. Chester P. Siess
Clay and Kathy Smilie
Charles M. Smith, M.D.
Mrs. Eula T. and Wedon T. Smith
Gayle B. and John Rogers Smith

Glynn D. and Annie Bell Smith
Dr. Eugene C. St. Martin
Mrs. Pauline Stanley
Mr. Tom Stephens
James R. Stewart Jr.
Robert B. Stobaugh
James and Nancy Moore Strenk
Robert M. and Mrs. Dotty Stuart
Mrs. Loretta C. and Dr. Marvin E. Stuckey
Thomas A. Sullivan
Dean A. and Rosalind Sutherland
Kenneth G. Teague
Lemuel M. Thomas

Beverly Brooks Thompson
Mrs. Leonard C. Tobin
Deborah Dunlevy Todd
Stephen and Beth Tope
Florence Ann Trappey
Mara Trotter
Leonel E. and Helen L. Tustison
Betty R. and Gene F. Van Norman

Collin Vincent
Mr. Wayne Vines
Val Vogel Jr. and Michelle Panzeca Vogel
Thomas A. and Virginia C. Waldrop
Dr. Candace Warner
Timothy and Nanci Weckwerth
Henry and Lennie Wells
Scott H. Westbrook
Mr. Harry J. Wilson
Tom Willing
Mary Jack Wintle
Drs. Frank and Karen Wolfsheimer
William A. Womack
Margaret Womack Hart
Anne and Sit Wong
J. Lanier and Marie Yeates
Dr. Janet N. Younathan
Linda and Ron Young

In the above membership list, boldface denotes charter members; italics denote deceased members.
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