Campus Beautification Fund

Without a doubt, the LSU campus is one of the most beautiful in the nation. With the opening words “under stately oaks and broad magnolias,” our Alma Mater acknowledges the grace and beauty of this place. LSU's landscaping was called “a botanical joy” in its listing among the 20 best campuses in America in Thomas Gaines' The Campus as a Work of Art. The Campus Beautification Fund allows LSU alumni, friends and fans to make unrestricted gifts to help with campus beautification.

Whether it is renewing flower beds, planting or pruning trees or developing educational walkways, the CBF provides funds for campus enhancements that state funds do not. Annually, the Chancellor's Office will work with Facility Services to determine a project or program that can receive funding from the Campus Beautification Fund. The beauty of the CBF is its flexibility. Funds can be used for stand-alone projects or partnered with other funds for larger, on-going or new projects.

Donate to the Campus Beautification Fund.
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