Blueprint for the Future of Development at LSU

The blueprint explains how the LSU Foundation will pursue its vision and mission in fiscal year 2017 and beyond, in close collaboration with LSU’s academic leadership and other philanthropic support organizations statewide.

Three Big Goals

Raise LSU alumni giving participation to among the top third of SEC institutions. 
Grow academic philanthropy for LSU’s flagship campus to a three-year average of $100 million annually.
In collaboration with other LSU support organizations statewide, lead a transformational, record-setting university campaign of more than $1.2 billion.

Seven Strategic Priorities

  1. Cultivate a culture of lifelong engagement and giving.
  2. Develop big ideas to attract big gifts.
  3. Create fundraising programs comparable in size and productivity to leading peers.
  4. Harness data and technology to drive a pace-setting fundraising team.
  5. Demonstrate the impact of philanthropy.
  6. Facilitate university development partnerships through investment and expertise.
  7. Complete a transformational, record-setting capital campaign.
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