Policies and Procedures

Privacy Policy

The LSU Foundation's policies regarding confidentiality, security and integrity

Pledge Terms

These pledge terms are incorporated by reference into Pledge Agreements entered into by LSU Foundation.

Code of Ethics Policy

LSU Foundation Code of Ethics

Capital Project Policies And Procedures

LSU Foundation policies and procedures for capital projects

Donor Bill of Rights

The Donor Bill of Rights outlines the tenets that guide our relationships with donors.

Gift Acceptance Policy

The Gift Acceptance Policy applies to all gifts received by the LSU Foundation for any of its programs or services.

Guidelines for Submitting Deposits

Please consult this document for LSU Foundation Gift Processing guidelines for submitting deposits.

Uniform Affiliation Agreement 

Uniform Affiliation Agreement between LSU Foundation and the Board of Supervisors of LSU A&M

Fraud Policy

LSU Foundation Fraud Policy

Excerpts from the Codification of LSU Foundation Policies: 

Travel and Entertainment Expenses
Purchasing and Procurement
Professional Services and Independent Contractors
General Beneficiary Disbursements