TAF Priority Points

Understanding the TAF Priority Point System 

The TAF Priority Point System is used to allocate certain athletic tickets and parking passes based on giving to TAF and other LSU Affiliated Organizations (i.e., the LSU Foundation and the LSU Alumni Association). Effective Jan. 1, 2017, one TAF Priority Point is awarded for each $1,000 in philanthropic donations made to the LSU Foundation by an individual or a corporate entity. In addition, individuals making a properly documented planned gift to the LSU Foundation of $10,000 or more are eligible to receive 5 priority points.


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Details on the TAF Priority Point Policy and how points are allocated
Access your TAF Priority Points balance

Updating Your TAF ID Number with the LSU Foundation

When you make a gift to the LSU Foundation, you will receive a gift receipt that includes your TAF ID number. If that number is incorrect, or if the field is blank, please let us know so we can share your gift with TAF in connection with your preferred TAF ID number.



Contact our records team at records@lsufoundation.org or by phone at 225-578-3811.
Gifts Reported to TAF for Priority Point Consideration

At TAF’s request, we share academic donations twice annually, in May and November. The following types of gifts to the LSU Foundation are shared with TAF for Priority Point consideration:

  • Gifts via cash, credit cards, payroll deductions and marketable securities, with the amount reported for such securities being the cash received upon sale of the donated securities
  • Gifts whereby an individual gives through a donor-advised fund, reported as that individual’s donation and under his/her TAF ID number of record
  • Matching gifts made by a donor’s employer organization, reported as individual gifts from the donor employees whose gifts are being matched, unless such a practice is expressly prohibited under the respective matching gift program
  • Donor-directed gifts (e.g., gifts received from a family foundation), reported as gifts from the entity that is the legal, tax-receipted donor, unless documentation from the legal donor states that any TAF Priority Points should be applied to another specified individual or organization
  • Priority point credit for making a properly documented planned gift valued at $10,000 or more to the LSU Foundation on or after Jan. 1, 2017, is available. Qualifying gifts may be either revocable or irrevocable. This is a one-time award, meaning that donors may qualify for only one award regardless of the number of planned gifts made.  Generally speaking, proper documentation should consist of a fully executed Estate Intention Letter and an excerpt from the Donor’s will, trust or similar gift instrument verifying the intent to give and gift terms. Should a planned gift be revoked or the actual amount received from the gift be less than $10,000, priority points awarded will be revoked.
  • Gifts from estates, with each such gift to be reviewed internally by LSU Foundation staff in consultation with living donors representing the estate to determine the appropriate TAF ID numbers(s) under which to report the gift
Gifts NOT Reported to TAF for Priority Points Consideration

The following types of gifts to the LSU Foundation are not shared with TAF for Priority Points consideration:

  • Gifts in kind that are not intended for sale or have not been sold as of the reporting period
  • Gifts made anonymously
  • Funds received from the Board of Regents (e.g., matching funds awarded through the chair and professorship program)
  • Gifts to support the campuses of LSU Alexandria, LSU Eunice and LSU Shreveport
  • Gifts from donors who have requested that their gift data not be reported to TAF