A gift of appreciated stock can be an excellent way to support the LSU Foundation and simultaneously avoid a capital gains tax and take a charitable deduction. Outright gifts of marketable securities for current operations or endowments can be made in several ways. Please consult your tax professional for advice related to your particular financial situation. If you have questions about making a gift of stock, contact one of the following:

Kate Spikes
(225) 578-4165
Fax: (225) 578-0530   

Emily Gregoire
(225) 578-2012
Fax: (225) 578-0530

If the donor has a broker...

The donor should advise the broker that he or she wants to make a gift to LSU Foundation. Preferably, this request should be in the form of a letter and the letter should contain the following information:


1. The name of the stock
2. The number of shares 
3. The donor's name and address
4. What the stock will be used for (gift purpose)


The stock gift will actually be made to LSU Foundation (Federal tax I.D. 72-6020969) for the use of beneficiary colleges, departments and programs within LSU components or the LSU Foundation. The donor's letter should tell the specific use/purpose of the gift. In the letter to the broker, it is advisable for the donor to copy the LSU Foundation through U.S. Mail or Federal Express, or other overnight express, at:
LSU Foundation
3796 Nicholson Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

If the donor's stock is held with a broker...

There are two options:


a) If the LSU Foundation has an account with the same broker...

The donor can have the stock transferred on the broker's books.The LSU Foundation has the following accounts:


MorganStanley/Smith Barney
Acct. No. 784-115005-011


Raymond James
Acct. No. 25864015


Merrill Lynch
Acct. No. 514-04278


b) If the LSU Foundation does not have an account with the donor's broker...

The donor should transfer the stock to the Foundation's MorganStanley/SmithBarney account. Smith Barney's DTC number is 0015. Our contact at MorganStanley/SmithBarney is Jay Rousseau, (225) 237-3110 or Fax# (225) 237-3105.

If the donor has possession of the stock certificate...

The unendorsed certificate should be sent via Federal Express or similar guaranteed overnight delivery service to LSU Foundation (address above). The donor must also send a properly executed stock power, in blank, to the Foundation office. The stock power must be sent separately from the stock certificate and the stock power should be signed identical to the way that the donor's name is shown on the stock certificate. The donor does not need to have the stock certificate reissued in the name of the LSU Foundation.

If the donor has mutual fund shares...

A gift of mutual fund shares must be handled differently and requires additional processing time. For instructions, contact Kate Spikes. In order for the donor to receive a tax deduction for a specific year, the following requirements must be met:


1. If the donor physically delivers the certificate to us, a representative of LSU Foundation must have physical possession of the certificate by the end of the day on December 31.
2. If the donor mails the certificate to us, the certificate and the stock power must be postmarked on or before December 31.
3. If transferred on the books of the broker, the transfer must be shown on the books of the company by the donor or his broker making the transaction with the company by the end of the day on December 31.